Principles of assessment

In the delivery of assessment services, PTA applies the principles of assessment. Assessment strategies have been designed to ensure:


Validity. We conduct assessment against the broad range of skills and knowledge identified within each unit of competency and which is integrated with the performance of workplace tasks. We ensure that the assessment is transferable to different context and situations and all components of the unit of competency are being assessed.


Reliability. We seek to gather and interpret evidence in a consistent manner that provides for reliable assessment both for the candidate and for assessors. We achieve this by using assessors who have the required competencies in assessment and the relevant vocational competencies. Our assessment resources also provide for standardised outcomes supported by model answers to guide assessors in their judgements. Reliability is also supported by the moderation of assessment judgements across our assessors.


Flexibility. We strive to provide assessment opportunities that reflect a candidate’s needs. Our chosen assessment strategies provide for recognition of a candidate’s current competency, employ a range of methods appropriate to the context of the industry, the unit of competency and the candidate themselves.


Fairness. Our assessment approach encourages fairness in assessment through consideration of the candidate’s needs and characteristics and through making reasonable adjustments when it is required. Assessors achieve this through clear communication with a candidate to ensure that the candidate is fully informed about, understands and is able to participate in, the assessment process, and agrees that the process is appropriate.

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